[REQ] Sarah? Sarah! (1989)

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[REQ] Sarah? Sarah! (1989)

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Hi There

Anybody happen to have this movie and is willing to share it with us?

Sarah? Sarah! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0286043/

Thanks alot

Re: [REQ] Sarah? Sarah! (1989)

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Correct subject format = [REQ] Sarah? Sarah! (1989) :)
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Re: [REQ] Sarah? Sarah! (1989)

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Actually according to IMDB this is from Belgium not USA, as idler has pointed out.

A tragic tail of the twelve year old Sarah, who is raped by her neighbour and finds herself unable to tell anyone afterwards, or speak of the incident at all. Instead she takes out her anger and frustration on the neighbour's dog, which she had called for to help her during the ordeal without getting any response.
A youtube clip has the first minute of it which shows the dog and the girl. http://www.youtube.com/watch?gl=US&v=RwYFVIi4_pM
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Re: [REQ] Sarah? Sarah! (1989)

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Has anybody happened to find this film, i've been longing to see it. Thanks.

Re: [REQ] Sarah? Sarah! (1989)

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The only source I found so far

http://cms.bistum-trier.de/bistum-trier ... tType=full
Sarah? Sarah! VHS – 56 Min. 0911384
Jan Keymeulen, Belgien 1991
Die 12jährige Sarah liebt Hunde Als sie den Hund des Nachbarn abholen möchte, um für eine
Hundeturnier zu üben, wird sie von dem Besitzer vergewaltigt Sarah ist unfähig, über den Vorfall zu
sprechen. Sie läuft davon, wird völlig durchnässt von einer fremden Frau nach Hause gebracht. Ihr
Verhalten in der Schule, gegenüber Freundinnen und Eltern ändert sich. Niemand versteht, dass sie in
Panik ausbricht, wenn sie ihrem Nachbarn oder auch nur dessen Hund begegnet.
The 12 year old Sarah loves dogs. As she's about to pick up the neighbor's dog to practice for a dog tournament, she is raped by the owner. Sarah is unable to talk about the incident. She runs away, is brought home soaking wet by an unknown woman . Her behavior in school, against friends and parents does change. No one understands that she breaks out in panic when she meets her neighbor, or even his dog.
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Re: [REQ] Sarah? Sarah! (1989)

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i've found this....don't really know if is the real movie...can be registered to watch

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Re: [REQ] Sarah? Sarah! (1989)

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Re: [REQ] Sarah? Sarah! (1989)

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Any update?
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