[REQ] Manyunya (2021) [TV Series]

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[REQ] Manyunya (2021) [TV Series]

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https://www.kinoglaz.fr/index.php?page= ... 92&lang=gb
Plot synopsis
An adaptation of the best-seller by Narine Abgaryan, whose circulation exceeded 1.5 million copies, while the audio-version took first place in Storytel service charts.
Armenia of the 1980s. A funny and nice story of friendship and everyday life of two Soviet families — Abgaryan and Schatz. However, the main thing here is not the birthplace or nationality; it is a universal story about life, well known to our contemporaries who still remember the timewith a smile and a light feeling of nostalgia.
“Maniunia”is a comedy series for children and those adults who, as they have moved on into a better life, deliberately leave the door to the past a little opened to have an opportunity — albeit occasionally, to return.
Looks like a lot of fun!


Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8MZ95inX1E

Can be watched here with a Russian IP and a trial account: https://okko.tv/serial/manjunja
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Re: [REQ] Manyunya (2021) [TV Series]

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Re: [REQ] Manyunya (2021) [TV Series]

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The book is very funny but tv-series,,, as much as I have read from reviews not as good as the book (but it is quite cimmon if something has been shot after the book)
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