[REL] Nie bede cie kochac (1974)

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Re: [REL] Nie bede cie kochac (1974)

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When it comes to translating English or a similar language into Polish, AI always has one problem. In English, a sentence spoken by a woman or a man often sounds the same. In Polish, there are differences depending on whether the sentence is spoken by a woman or a man. Translators usually translate into Polish the same as if the sentence had been spoken by a man.
When I translate a text, I always have to check the gender of the person who made the statement.
There is no problem if the English sentence contains a gender expression such as "he" or "she". It is worse when it is said in the first or second person, i.e. "I", "you".

English: I did it.

In Polish, depending on the gender of the person who said the sentence:

female: "Ja to zrobiłam" or "Zrobiłam to"
male: "Ja to zrobiłem" or "Zrobiłem to"

I don't have such a problem when I translate from Slavic languages: Russian, Czech or Serbian.
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Re: [REL] Nie bede cie kochac (1974)

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You are absolutely right, DreamScape. Computer translation WILL get better as long as it keeps getting input on human language from humans. That makes it much easier on the humans because they only have to teach the computer a lesson once, and then it remembers. Just try being an elementary school teacher trying to teach grammar to uninterested students. Even if they master something once (or pretend to), they will continue to get it wrong the rest of their lives. Also, even Google translation does a decent job of creating a proper sentence out of a partial source, although I am sure not as well as ChatGPT.

Machines can even learn the meaning of colloquialisms, if humans take the time to teach them in the first place. I understand why proper use of terminology and grammar would get the priority!

Incidentally, I learned in elementary school that people could easily speak or write with proper grammar and well-constructed sentences, yet what they were saying was absolute nonsense. I do not think I am so readily impressed by the mere outward appearance of intelligence, so I was well prepared for the limitations of ChatGPT. There is a somewhat hysterical attack on it by some journalists with nothing better to write about. (Perhaps because it threatens their jobs, since it is likely the computers will be used to produce the necessary meaningless drivel instead. Or do we already have Chat software producing the journalism that is Raging Against the Machines? Bots talking about bots?) The problem, as usual, is the flawed humans, some of whom are foolish enough to trust anything a computer tells them.

Trust no one, certainly not the HAL 9000.
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Re: [REL] Nie bede cie kochac (1974)

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For those interested in English subs for this film, I am happy to take on the project, much thanks for endurro's existing work. endurro has agreed to assist with colloquialisms.

Please allow me to finish my work with Hilito, because well, I've been putting it off a bit.
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