[REQ] Billie’s Magic World (2023)

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[REQ] Billie’s Magic World (2023)

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Billie, lives with her father and has recently lost her mother, which is why she is particularly attached to one of the last gifts that she has given her: the sweet plush Johnny Puff. One day, after school, the girl meets two strange characters, Gregory and Florence, who offer to take her to visit the castle of Lord Domino and his assistant Hortense. Eager to escape from the conflict that divides daily life with her father, the girl decides to follow them. Soon, the visit turns into captivity, and Billie realizes that Lord Domino uses his sadness and anger and the other imprisoned children, to power a super-cannon that he wants to use to dominate the world. And just then, when she seems to have lost all the hope, the sweet puppet Johnny Puff comes to life. Thus begins an adventure of friendship to thwart the plan of Lord Domino.
https://www.minervapictures.com/film/bi ... d/?lang=en

Trailer: https://www.rainews.it/tgr/sicilia/vide ... 21974.html
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Re: [REQ] Billie’s Magic World (2023)

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The Baldwin bros in italian movie.
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