[REQ] Dalgalar ve İzler (2021) [Turkey]

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[REQ] Dalgalar ve İzler (2021) [Turkey]

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Aka Waves and Traces

Suna and her daughter Funda, who struggle to survive alone.



The full movie(without subitiles) https://jetfilmizle.cx/dalgalar-ve-izle ... -2021.html
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Re: [REQ] Dalgalar ve İzler (2021) [Turkey]

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Looks like the streaming link works. Thanks Gery106.
google translate wrote:Dalgalar ve İzler ("Waves and Traces") Trying to survive by selling their last remaining assets, Suna and her daughter Funda struggle with the difficulties of life. The death of Suna's husband turns their lives upside down and they struggle hard. Despite many difficulties, Suna and Funda maintain their resilience while no one helps them. They listen to the sounds of the waves on the seashore to forget the bad memories they have experienced. Could the waves reshape their lives?
Here is an additional btdig link for a amzn webrip, though I would be surprised if it had any seeders.

https://www.btdig.com/f529ac784f7249c09 ... 75f715001c
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