[REL] Neue Geschichten vom Franz (2023) [Austria/Germany]

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[REL] Neue Geschichten vom Franz (2023) [Austria/Germany]

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AKA Stoere Frans 2 en de gestolen juwelen (in the Netherlands)

The summer holidays from Franz are starting badly as his 2 best friends don't talk to eachother anymore. An investigation and adventurous chase of a thief in the neighborhood brings them back together.



It's time for a fun movie. This is the sequel of Geschichten vom Franz (2022)

The original German spoken version hasn't been released yet and I only got the movie dubbed in Dutch (which sounds really funny). I made English subtitles.

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Re: [REL] Neue Geschichten vom Franz (2023) [Austria/Germany]

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Thanks for the continuation, ghost! Dutch can sound kinda interesting. I know it's been said, from the perspective of English speakers, to sound like English, but being spoken from another room. I have noticed this!
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