[REQ] It's Okay (2023)

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[REQ] It's Okay (2023)

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The teenager In-yeong (Re Lee) is one of several girls who perform traditional shows with a dance group. During this performance, her mother has a tragic accident that ends fatally. A year passes and In-yeong has been on her own ever since. She has found her own way of getting on with her life and always starts the day in a good mood, although not always without mistakes.
In her dance group, on the other hand, the tone is somewhat different, as the girls sometimes like to pick on In-yeong because they have noticed that she doesn't have to pay for dance school, which they see as unfair, but In-yeong knows how to defend herself verbally.
In-yeong experiences a turning point in her life when it comes to her apartment, because her landlord finally throws her out of the door for missing payments. In her search for new accommodation, she first goes to various public places, but ends up hiding in the dance school until she is discovered by the rather strict dance teacher. To her surprise, she takes In-yeong in, but only for a short time, of course. But this will change a lot of things... (Source: It's me ;) )

Personal Note:
This movie was one of two of my favorits at this year Berlinale and was winning the Crystal Bear from the children Jury, who is the best price at the Generation.


Trailer (Did not found on on YT yet to embeed)

Young Actress
Re Lee
She played also in the Movie:
Gaeleul hoomchineun wanbyeokhan bangbeob (2014)
So-won (2013)

Other stuff
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