Which films that you love would you like to see remade?

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Re: Which films that you love would you like to see remade?

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Triela wrote: Sun Mar 31, 2024 12:38 pm
kev wrote: Sat Mar 16, 2024 6:41 am Well, Sully; once again I think you're the front-runner in our "TRY-TO-MAKE-A-POST-THAT-IS-AS-IRRELEVANT-AS-IT-IS-INCOMPREHENSABLE" contest. :roll:
Sully23 wrote: Thu Mar 28, 2024 7:38 pm I really pictured Jodelle Ferland doing the scenes that didn't make it into the book. I really wouldn't find an actress of the stature of Miranda Cosgrove or Dafne Keen, any suggestions? not blonde or older than 12y.
front-runner AND runner-up.... :? :( . ;) ;) ;)
Sully23 wrote: Tue Apr 02, 2024 4:21 pm When I saw The White Queen in some scenes they married the heirs behind the line of succession, obviously children and went to Spain looking for the heiress of the Catholic kings and the memorable part was the dance of the princess.
So.... we're talking a full sweep of the podium right now: gold, silver and bronze .... :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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