[REL] Uroki frantsuzkogo (1978)

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[REL] Uroki frantsuzkogo (1978)

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Uroki frantsuzkogo (1978)
imdb wrote:Author: sarkvat (sarkvat@mordor.kirov.ru) from Russia, Kirov

Actions of the movie occurred in Post-WWII years in small village. Mother with three children. Father was lost in the war, like many other. 11-year old son rather smart boy is main help in housekeeping. But here was primary school only, and he was sent to study to neighbor village over 50 km. He lives with his mother's friend - woman and two children. Mother brought food one time per 3 weeks, and he cooks and eats separately from householders. To buy more food he plays game 'money'. He was beaten by older boys – usual child's cruelty.

This is not philosophic movie, there are few actions, though few vices – view of 11 years old boy. You exists and world exists, that point the place, but doesn't show goal. He is capable to interaction, and becomes self-dependent. And that's why young schoolmistress of French cannot find way to the boy's soul.

Foremost was told at the beginning by the narrator: 'I cannot forgive myself in any ways' There was not happen any big trouble, but I saw this movie and I felt the same.


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Boy movie? :think Need more info...
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Re: [REL] Uroki frantsuzkogo (1978)

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Uroki Frantsuzkogo (1978) Russia
aka A French Lesson



BM. Complete sources are available for Rich's link.
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