[REQ] Professor Niedlich (2001) [Boy/Girl Movie]

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[REQ] Professor Niedlich (2001) [Boy/Girl Movie]

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Though not yet listed on the IMDB link [which lists virtually NO info on this movie, therefore I won't bother linking to it...]; it seems like Lisa Trischler [who's in 'Der Schatz, der vom Himmel fiel' {released by ghost up in the 'Austria [REL] forum}] appears in this movie! (I think she's kinda cute! :blush )


THAT'S about the only pix I can find her in. Others that illustrate the movie:



...seem to only feature the guys [ALTHOUGH that might be Lisa in the back in the last pix...].

Here's a rather hard to understand translation of the synopsis:
' PROFESSOR NICE " is a film over pupils and teachers. Over learning and the instruction. A film over pupils for pupils today and yesterday, a film for large and small - a film for the whole family! Who does not remember homework, homework and mathematics hours, class book entries and date examinations, friends and school fellows, certification distributions and… summer holidays!

More olive and Peter, Rotznasen and bad pupils with a Fünfer in Mathe, tear from the boarding school, in order to escape the helping courses. On the escape two outliers fall directly the moved Goldsucher nice into the hands, a suspended professor out of service. To prove for the mad nice the opportunity its unidentified educational abilities finally. And olive and Peter become sudden learning the involuntary adventure for!

...And don't forget the child films, which throw an extremely good light in surprisingly mad quality in the last years on our “cinema for small humans”! Those, such as “A BACKPACK FULL LIES” or “THE TREASURE, WHICH FELL FROM THE SKY” { :) } two best examples of child films.
All in all, it looks like another family-oriented adventure film. Probably no OT scenes, but I'd still like to see Lisa in action in another movie! ;) (Lisa, Lisa, LISA... LOL! )


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Re: [REQ] Professor Niedlich (2001) [Boy/Girl Movie]

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Re: [REQ] Professor Niedlich (2001) [Boy/Girl Movie]

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http://www.boerse.bz/boerse/videoboerse ... dlich.html

please share if you download, thanks :)
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Re: [REQ] Professor Niedlich (2001) [Boy/Girl Movie]

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Unfortunately Rich's links are dead.

It was hard finding info on this until I found that the full name is actually Professor Niedlich Mit mir müsst ihr rechnen. ;)

Several places have the dvd for cheap including Amazon.de. Not cheap for me if you include the exchange rate and shipping to the states. :wall

Not sure how much this film fits FLM but I agree with Kev that the girl is very cute.

Haven't found any links yet. Anybody else have any info, rip or trailer?
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