[REQ] Konger av Oslo AKA Kings of Oslo (2010)

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[REQ] Konger av Oslo AKA Kings of Oslo (2010)

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Kings of Oslo is a documentary that tells of the final year of primary school. What's up? Yes, what actually happens at school when you are between 12 and 13 years, energy bubbles and you go from being at the height of his childhood to be young and ready for adulthood?

Ruseløkka school is situated a stone's throw from the castle, has the smallest schoolyard and children from all over the world. We meet the students in 7 class in large and small everyday dramas of friendship, conflict and how they meet the "Norwegian" challenges 17 May the great skiday. We'll see how students think and relate to each other, their families and the community they live in? focusing on key themes such as inclusion, bullying, friendship and solidarity. It's not about students who do not want to learn, or teachers who are helpless in relation to the growing diversity? Here, children have plenty to give, if you meet them where they are and trying to get to know them on their terms.

It's good to see a movie that is not problem-oriented. The film is in many ways the children's voices, and shows how children, if you give them the opportunity, resources with important thoughts and experiences. We believe both adults and children can benefit from watching this movie and recommend it to anyone who is curious about how it is to be a child in Norway today. (SAVE THE CHILDREN)

This film should be shown in schools and movie theaters in all countries, including Germany. It has much to offer. We hope the film will find a wide audience. It should - and will be - talked about by many. (NORDIC FILM DAYS, Lübeck)
(Google translated)
Genre: Documentary
Nasjonalitet: NOR
Regi: Elsa Kvamme

Medvirkende: 7. Klasse på Ruseløkka skole, og særlig Ayan, Elias, Haadi, Michael, Klara, Mina og Tora, og lærerne Øystein Haugsbø og Brite Karine Mulelid
Lengde:1 t. 3 min.
Filmbyrå: Coriander
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Re: Kings of Oslo / Konger av Oslo (2010)

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Re: Kings of Oslo / Konger av Oslo (2011)

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There are several Nordic shops that have the dvd. It has been out for a while. The year is 2010 by the way. ;)

Sorry no rips found as yet

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