Tanjuska ja 7 perkelettä (1993)

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Tanjuska ja 7 perkelettä (1993)

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Could someone help me get this film? this documentary looks interesting. It also directed by the same director as Tulennielijä

Tanjuska ja 7 perkelettä

It's available in here until end of the week to rent it. I can't rent it since I'm not in finland and VPN doesn't work either :(
Little 12-year-old Tanjuska has such large eyes and an inscrutable expression, that she resembles an icon. Her real home is in Belarus, but she lives with her father in the Vasknarva Abbey, an orthodox community at the border of Estonia and Russia. Tanjuska is far from her home, mother and sister, as the leader of the community, Father Vasili, means to exorcise her of her demons.

The parents describe their attempts to get help for their strangely symptomatic daughter, who even sometimes stops eating, from doctors, healers and the Church. “There are so many opinions. Lord, who should we listen to?” agonizes her mother. At the asylum in Minsk, Tanjuska is diagnosed with schizophrenia. The audience is convinced not only of the girl’s need for help, but also that the prison-like life behind the closed walls of the Monastery – daily exorcism sessions and discipline by the way of a belt – will in no way help Tanjuska’s mental wellbeing.
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Re: Tanjuska ja 7 perkelettä (1993)

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I could rent it, but I know that eventive.org doesn't allow proxies or a VPN :(
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