[REQ] My Small Land (2022)

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[REQ] My Small Land (2022)

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My favorite festival is over and I have seen a lot of new movies. I create now for each movie a single post. Keep in mind, that titles can be changed until a final release, especially the english and german titles.

If you wondering about the language on the selected poster... Well, then you need to give a try this special movie who will give you a very special (and bad) view on the culture of Japan.

Description from the Berlinale:
Sarya has lived in Japan since she was five. She pretends to be German to her friends, which is easier than telling the truth. In reality, Sarya’s parents are Kurds who travelled from Turkey to Japan as refugees. Furthermore, she is responsible for her younger siblings while her father is at work. Despite the hardships, the future seems bright and soon, Sarya will be attending college. A tender relationship develops with her work colleague Sota, and her own feelings begin to surface. All Sarya wants is a completely normal life. However, when her father’s application for asylum is denied, she is increasingly torn apart. A truly haunting film about the balancing act of a young refugee who is searching for her own world while caught between two other ones.
Source: https://www.berlinale.de/en/programme/p ... =202214036



Some more scenes (Some interviews are in German)

Offical Website.

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Re: [REQ] My Small Land (2022)

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The young actress in this is 17 yrs old. Born May 2004.
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