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Re: [REL] Mariken (2000)

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popdrome wrote: Sat Jun 18, 2022 8:41 amI could have easily done without the boring literature and the many annoying lectures I sat through believe you me.
I don't want to dogpile all over those who ARE interested in linguistics, but I have to agree with popdrome here! In my uni linguistics I remember stacks and stacks of hundreds of photocopied pages every class session that I would have to try and read through at night, and then struggle to stay awake during the early morning lingu lectures. I am shocked that some of the theory has actually stuck with me, because it seemed incomprehensible to me then.

For several years after I saved the handouts in a very full paper grocery store bag so I would have something to read as a cure for insomnia.

The prof however, SHE was terrific! And, um, rather young. I recall one amusing incident where I believe she was discussing head voice, and demonstrated it by imitating the breathy speaking style of Marilyn Monroe. Embarrassed, she immediately turned beet-red and declared "I will NEVER do that again!" This just made everyone laugh more, and endeared her to me. I have to respect a teacher willing to appear foolish even once. I tried harder to pay attention in class after that! Because of my RESPECT, yeah. :oops:

Back on topic:
I really liked Mariken, thanks! I get the impression, however, that it could easily have gone on for more episodes. Is that just wishful thinking on my part, or does the original book continue the storyline further than the movie/series?
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