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Internet Download Manager

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So I tried IDM and found it useful. Naturally I wanted to uninstall it after the Trial Period expired, remove all traces from my computer, then install the new version and get another 30 day free trial period. Multiple sites from Google search promised this was possible. I did everything multiple times, but still it somehow knows I already used IDM!

1) Uninstall IDM extensions in browsers.
2) Do a FULL uninstall of IDM through Control Panel, RevoUninstaller or CCleaner. (Did all three.) This involves a computer restart.

3) Use Regedit to remove Registry items for Internet Download Manager and Download Manager.
(In HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software DownloadManager, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Internet Download Manager, and doing CRTL+F for "Internet Download Manager".

4) Delete Internet Download Manager folder in c:Program Files.
5) Restart computer.
6) Check if there are still traces and delete if necessary.
7) I downloaded the new installation file with a VPN so I was using a different IP.
8) It installs, and then announces that my 30 days are up!

I went through this process multiple times. Obviously there are some traces hidden on my computer somewhere, but I can not find them! I know for certain there are IDM users here, and likely some who know how to use it free. Is there some new trick to do it, now that the old way does not seem to work? If you don't want to admit to it publicly, please PM me!

(If your trick is "Just buy it", don't bother with the PM. But thanks anyway.)
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