[REQ] Hannan xia ri (2020)

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[REQ] Hannan xia ri (2020)

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Hannan xia ri AKA 漢南夏日 AKA Summer Blur (2020)

Thirteen-year-old Guo, who lives with a selfish cousin, an always-tired aunt and her family, wants to live with her newly remarried mom in Shanghai. When a friend drowns while playing with Guo by the riverside, Guo flees the scene in shock. Yu, who likes Guo, knows that she was there on that day, but Yu's infatuation only makes Guo uncomfortable. Summer Blur is a coming-of-age story about a girl on the threshold of puberty. Neglected by an irresponsible mother and living with an unwelcoming aunt, Guo enters the world of adults through a series of events that a thirteen-year-old cannot possibly handle. Director Han Shuai's directing captures the strongminded Guo who defies age, class, and gender discrimination in a calm and restrained manner.

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