La hija de todas las rabias (2021) [Nicaragua]

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La hija de todas las rabias (2021) [Nicaragua]

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La hija de todas las rabias
An 11-year-old and her mother are separated as the try to eke out a life on Nicaragua's largest landfill.

Not much info on this one

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Re: La hija de todas las rabias (2021) [Nicaragua]

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AKA "Daughter of Rage"

Still in post-production according to IMDB. The 2021 date is a placeholder. ... las_rabias ... /696089/in

More detailed synopsis (spoilers):

A vast garbage dump of Nicaragua's capital, immersed in a dense fog, is the home to María, a unique and imaginative girl. She lives with her mother Lilibeth, a herd of dogs and the newborn puppies about to be sold. When María accidentally poisons them, Lilibeth takes the desperate decision to leave her at a recycling factory where she is forced to work with other children. After this punishment the girl experiences great loneliness that soon turns into rage. She becomes friends with Tadeo, a sickly and faithful boy with a peculiar wisdom. María will learn to cope with her mother's abandonment using her dreams as a way to explain what happened.
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