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Post by Night457 »   2 likes is an amazing site, with many movies that FLM members will find interesting. There are a variety of links, including torrent and direct download. Even years later, most of the torrents remain active. Many times FLM members will refer others here to a page there. Those who do not read Russian might be a little daunted by the site, because they do not see any download links. I do not read Russian either, so I rely on translation.

You must login first to see the download links.

1) Use Chrome page translate to translate the entire page to your preferred language.
2) In the upper right corner of, there are login and registration links.
3) Register with a username, password and email address. I use a "fake" email for pretty much all sites, as it is only used for confirming the account or reseting the password.
4) Login. Download links appear when you login. Most of the time, even the old ones are still active.
5) One WEIRD thing: many movies have multiple file options, and to switch from displaying information from one to another, you have to be in Russian. So if I need to translate the file information (such as what audio languages there are), I translate the page to English, read it, go back to the original Russian, then switch to a different file and translate that if necessary. This is all quickly accomplished clicking, it is just a little annoying. The basic file differences are still clear when untranslated.

If you have never used Chrome page translate, here is a little information:
1. Go to in the Chrome browser.
2. Next to the web address at the top of the page, click the G "Translate this page option". It defaults to your default display language, in my case English.
3. If the icon is not there, right click an empty space on the page and pick "Translate to English" (or whatever) from the menu.
4. If you STILL don't have an option, you will need to turn on Google Translate in Chrome Settings. Check out Google results on "How to Turn Translation On or Off in Chrome".

Once you have logged in a few times you get used to where everything is and don't have to bother with the page translation. Blizzardkid very kindly allows searches and logins to be done with the Latin alphabet (English), so you don't have to torture yourself with an online Cyrillic keyboard if that is not for you. If you hate Chrome, then just use it only for when you need webpage translations, because that is Chrome's most useful feature.
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