[REL] Summer in Holland (1992)

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[REL] Summer in Holland (1992)

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"Enjoy a Naked Dutch Summer"


Not many kids in this one and the video quality is pretty crappy. Small scene at the river may be of interest, but don't expect much.


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Re: [REL] Summer in Holland (1992)

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Reshare, the link is not working
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Re: [REL] Summer in Holland (1992)

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Now it works - and pretty fast! Thank you for the heads-up, Rajkumar! This is absolutely new for me, I've never heard about it!

Edit: I've watched it, and sadly, the quality is really terrible - so much that you can barely recognize the gender of the performers... :)
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Re: [REL] Summer in Holland (1992)

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Yeah it's a multigeneration VHS, but I could still recognize the male wigglies and the female jigglies. Bonus "challenge": identify the silicone-injected stripper who was clearly implanted with the real naturists.

There was one girl-next-door type who I had my suspicions about, but I'll give her a pass. The woman who only gets naked for pay really stood out from the rest.

The overripe narration was hilarious.
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