Step-by-Step eMule Setup

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Re: Step-by-Step eMule Setup

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goku33 wrote: Sun Jan 01, 2023 2:15 pm Lots of rare/old films and tv series I’ve already bookmarked on here :D
If there are no sharers within a day or so for some old posted item, make sure to use the "Request selected files" button or post in the thread to request a reshare. Don't give up on it right away.
I got more privacy & security concerned in recent years when I learnt more about how much is being tracked, spied on, logged etc.
I understand. I try to not get too paranoid because I figure that I am an uninteresting target. "They" should spy instead on someone with money or political power or outrageously criminal activities.
You’d need a hardened Firefox with uBlockOrigin & preferably NoScript/JavaScript disabled etc.
I like uBlockOrigin, but I am not sure if I can DO anything online without some hot java. :gmorning
I remember for example the old Usenext Tangysoft Client (Usenet) automatically showed previews of images when you did an image search.
Nowadays Google Search does that, did you know? :mrgreen: I remember back in the days when it would take half an hour to download a single deceptively-named .gif, and it turned out to be a trolling image along the lines of Goatse.
Should I just try aMule myself? The majority of people on FLM uses eMule ?
My totally unscientific impression is that aMule is primarily for Linux and Mac users. If Windows is the majority in the world then likely it is also on FLM, and eMule would be the majority choice here too. You use Linux and can handle that, so I am sure you can figure out aMule. If you have the time and motivation you can ALSO try eMule in Windows and compare the results.

The idea of Linux is appealing to me and I used it briefly as a secondary OS, but I am just not clever enough to keep it running right. It required too much knowledgeable maintenance for me. Someone with the abilities of mimzy, for example, is perfect for it.
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Re: Step-by-Step eMule Setup

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goku33 wrote: Sun Jan 01, 2023 2:15 pm Should I just try aMule myself? The majority of people on FLM uses eMule ?
According to eMule statistics, roughly 90% uses eMule, 8% uses aMule (mostly Mac users, I suppose) and 2% use Shareaza and MLDonkey.

You can definitely give aMule a try. Hint: when using wxWidgets 3.x, aMule must be compiled with Boost.Asio library. When starting aMule, you should see something like: "Initialising aMule SVN compiled with wxGTK2 v3.0.3 and Boost 1.66 (Snapshot: rev. gc0c28234a)". If "Boost" is not mentioned, then aMule is very likely unstable.

I still have a feeling that aMule is less efficient than eMule, but I don't have any proof.
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Re: Step-by-Step eMule Setup

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i wasnt able to find an option in aMule to add kad url. only the ip-filter.dat url and the ed2k server url.

the udp and tcp ports are just the one we get from mullvad/out vpn provider?

i tried amule from the ubuntu repositories. it’s definitely more confusing (the gui) than the simple torrent clients these days.
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