[REQ] Ba Ba Tian Liang Jiao Wo (2008-2009) [TV series]

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[REQ] Ba Ba Tian Liang Jiao Wo (2008-2009) [TV series]

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Found this stream while browsing, but did not find a solution to download it.


Maybe somebody is able to? :)
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Re: [REQ] Ba Ba Tian Liang Jiao Wo (2008-2009) [TV series]

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No IMDB entry found.


IDM did the job.

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Re: [REQ] Ba Ba Tian Liang Jiao Wo (2008-2009) [TV series]

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Chinese name: 爸爸天亮叫我
"Daddy Calls Me at Dawn"
Introduction to this episode: Zhao Ade, an illiterate villager who makes a living by pulling carts. One day, Ade took his daughter Niu to the county town to seek medical treatment and visit Niu's mother. Unexpectedly, the money on his body was swindled away by Liu Xiaochun, a street gangster. Fortunately, with the help of Zhang Daguo, who beats boxers and sells bruises and injuries on the street, and Uncle Ming, a fortune teller who is "long-awaited", Ade's family settled in the "Tian Family Courtyard". With Tian's compound as the background, a series of stories about family affection happened.
Another streaming site: https://chinaqtv.org/video/11605-1-32.html
(I did not compare quality.)
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